Remove the Limitations Of LocalDB With This One Simple Trick**

**(not a trick)

If you are developing your databases in SSDT, then chances are you are familiar with LocalDB. LocalDB is essentially as stripped-down version of the database engine that runs within Visual Studio, and whenever you hit F5 the database is deployed to LocalDB… sometimes.

You see, LocalDB is in fact pretty much SQL Express, the free version of SQL Server. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except that SQL Server Express does not support all features, like say for example, full text search. But what else is missing? There’s no performance counters, but is that too much of an issue?

In fact, any Enterprise feature is not available in LocalDB, but you can fix this problem with one simple trick: download SQL Server Developer Edition for free! Yep, this is a new Microsoft, one which will give you the full fat features at zero cost. This announcement was some months ago, but it does surprise me how many people were not aware of this fact.

Turbo LogShip 1.0 Released

Earlier this year, I wrote a long post about log shipping. One of the key points I mentioned was how slow restoring can be for a read only log shipped database. If going and reading the whole thing is too much effort for you now, I’ll save you the effort (you child of the internet you) and tell you it’s because the database needs to be kept transactionally consistent in between restores when making it available for read-only. It creates a .tuf file (transaction undo file) to keep the progress of all the pages that have uncommitted transactions saved to them. The checking, creation, applying and re-applying of this can take some time where there is a significant amount of uncommitted transactions within a log backup. Continue reading “Turbo LogShip 1.0 Released”

Deploy Cubes Using Powershell: The Script


Recently someone got in touch with me about one of my earliest posts. I realised I had made a mistake on that post and had updated. But I also realised that the script itself is actually part of a PowerShell module. So wanting to make things as easy as possible, and being the helpful guy that I am, I have altered that example into a script which I am posting here.

It’s worth stressing that the errors that output to the console are fairly generic, and that there is a log file that will contain all the information if there are any errors.

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Free Microsoft eBooks

Yep, no sooner had Microsoft decided to lay-off their editorial staff do they decide to giveaway for free a considerable amount of eBook content. Obviously there is probably not a link between the two events, as clearly Microsoft have been giving away free eBooks for years, but it would be remiss for me to ignore Microsoft’s decision whilst distributing free content. The first link is a very good read and I encourage you to peruse.

Free UK Visual Studio/ALM Events in 2016

Throughout the second half of this year, Microsoft are hosting three free events on the popular topics of Application Lifestyle Management & DevOps with Visual Studio. These are full day events, and yes to answer the most important question snacks and lunch is free!

It’s not entirely clear if the event is going to include Visual Studio Team Services, however there is the promise of showing off new features. So presumably another update for Visual Studio 2015 is coming soon, or new features are going to be added to VSTS. But the main gist of the day is the end-to-end application lifecycle with Microsoft tooling, taking an application from requirements, development to automated release and testing

Full info on these days are here.

SQL Supper Notes

Yesterday evening there was a very special SQL Supper hosted at the Microsoft offices in London Victoria. It was an open session with some of the Microsoft Data Platform group, Mark Souza, Nigel Ellis, Conor Cunningham, Hatay Tuna and Ewan Fairweather. So I made my way by foot from the offices here in Covent Garden to London Victoria. Although February in London is rather chilly, with a brisk walk you can make it in half an hour, plus you pass several landmarks such as the piazza at Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square (and it’s controversial 4th plinth sculpture, the Blue Hahn Cock) the Mall, Buckingham Palace and finally, Westminster Cathedral.


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Microsoft Exams: 2 down 2 To Go

Wow, a new years resolution I’m following through with! This year I’ve already passed 2 Microsoft Exams. The first exam was “Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012”, and some of the skills I learnt from studying for this exam has helped me write better scripts, 1 of which was posted yesterday. So I’m 1/3 of the way towards achieving the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) SQL Server Solutions Associate certification.

The second exam I passed is the “Delivering Continuous Value with Visual Studio 2012 Application Lifecycle Management”, which (along with the testing and TFS exams) is necessary for achieving the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer Certification. Continue reading “Microsoft Exams: 2 down 2 To Go”

Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Preview Released

Barely a month has gone by since the announcement at Tech Ed North America 2013 yet Visual Studio 2013 Preview is available to download. TFS 2013 Preview is also available, however as I use the Team Foundation Services hosted by Microsoft, I’m just going to focus on VS 2013. .NET 4.5.1 preview is also available, which is installed when you install the VS 2013 preview. .NET 4.5.1 is also included in all installations of the Windows 8.1 preview. These products are classified as “go-live” by Microsoft, so they will support them in production.

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