I’m a man of many hats; both literally and figuratively….

I love writing a bit of PowerShell or a SQL Script to help automate a process or simplify a potentially complex solution, so that the next person can pick up a script and run with it.

Aside from my professional experience I also am Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in SQL Server 2012, a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server, as well as a Microsoft Certified Professional.

A few years back I realized a life ambition and graduated from university: I achieved a 2:1 Hons B.Sc. Computer Science from University of Southampton. As of August 2014 I realized my second life ambition and paid off my student loan. I mention both of these because it cost me enough to warrant a mention!

I started out as a manual functional tester, but found that too tedious for words. I got into automated testing, and ended up testing databases a great deal…

Thanks to a change in the structure of the company I was working for in 2010 I found myself as DBA/TFS Admin/Build Manager. As a DBA I was managing a multi-terabyte data warehouse, the data of which was collected into several multi-terabyte Analysis Services cubes. Using SQL Enterprise features such as partitioning and clustered columnstore enabled me to learn in an environment using the latest technology that Microsoft offered in SQL Server. As Build Manager I implemented the migration from Data Dude to SSDT.

Somewhere along the way I’ve also worked as a SQL Developer.

More recently I’ve been working on Database DevOps: I got tired of databases not being in source control and the “golden” version being “whatever is in Prod”. I’m a firm believer in CI/CD, and that databases can fit into this model as long as you’re prepared to put the hard graft in.

When I’m not  learning more about technology I can be found running either to or from home, where I live with my wife Syreeta and my kids Phoebe and Ben.

I enjoy playing computer games immensely, particularly Pokemon, and find it ironic that now I have the money to buy all the games I want, I now no longer have the time to play them, which was entirely the opposite when I was a kid.

If there’s something on the site that is incorrect, or you want to get in touch with me for any consultancy services, You can contact me on my Twitter handle, or comment below.