30 Days of Testing Challenge

Though the days of being a tester are long behind me, testing is still very much an important part of my role. Working as a tester has given me a perspective on getting things done that other people who haven’t worked as a tester might not appreciate, and it is a skill I’d like to keep up. 

With that in mind, I am going to take part in the 30 Days Of Testing challenge. The challenges are below:

I’m undecided about which testing book to read, I might pick up a copy of Test Driven Development with Python, but that may be something too technical to read on a commute. Either way, it’ll be a good way to pick back up on testing again. By blogging about it I certainly achieved at least 1 of the 30 objectives, and 2 days early! 

Writing Output from MSTest

Unit testing can sometimes throw up unexpected issues that are entirely concerned with the unit tests and not the application under test. Recently I’ve been having issues with DateTime formats affecting the results of the unit tests: the format of the DateTime was different on the build server than it was on my local machine. The stored procedure could not be altered (because reasons*). Continue reading “Writing Output from MSTest”

Preventing Plan Regressions During Testing Slides


Thanks to everyone who turned up at last nights SQL Supper to see me talk about preventing plan regressions during database testing. The testing framework I demoed was written by me, but the decision whether to make it open source or not is not mine. So the best I can do today is share the slides, and hopefully the framework will go online and be improved upon by the community.

Returning Values From Query Plans Using C#

Hello and welcome to yet another “Ronseal” title for a post…. and whilst this may not be something you’ll have to do regularly, searching for values in a query plan may be useful when running unit tests for SQL: you may be using it to confirm that a certain operator is used in the query plan, or whether a seek or scan is used… the possibilities are really endless. Continue reading “Returning Values From Query Plans Using C#”

Delusions of Testing


I love Christmas, and I love Christmas films. One of my favourites is “Elf” with Will Ferrell. I know that the world and his wife have seen it, but for those of you that live in caves and cannot be bothered to check it out on IMDB: The plot revolves around Will Ferrell’s character Buddy coming to terms with the fact that he is not an Elf, but is in fact a human adopted by his Elfish father, played brilliantly by Bob Newhart, and goes on a journey in New York at Christmas time to find his biological dad.

Prior to him discovering he is human, Buddy’s apparent incompetence in the toy-making department sees him transferred from there to the testing department, where the “special” elves go. And this I always felt was a good analogy to how the relationship between testers and developers is seen in the IT Industry. Continue reading “Delusions of Testing”

Guest Blog: Testing my Patience

(Guest blog by Testing The Waterhouse)

Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Gareth (author of Testing The Waterhouse), I’m a Senior QA Engineer and started working in QA the same time as Richard for the same company. I got into QA for similar reasons to Rich, I’d graduated and was finding it hard to get a job so ended up working for a small consultancy firm as a QA analyst.

When Richard got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago about guest blogging on his blog, I wasn’t really sure what to write about, seeing as he used to be a tester, but has moved into the DevOps world. I started reading The Phoenix Project, so I could try and gain an idea of what his new world is like, unfortunately, I’m only half way through, so didn’t really want to write a blog post about that…

Continue reading “Guest Blog: Testing my Patience”