PowerShell Snippet: Trimming The String!


When building up urls from different parameters in something like TeamCity, or Octopus, it’s simple enough to get double “//” in urls if the parameters are not consistent. So little helper functions are always useful to have imported to manage such things. Below is an example of such a thing!

function Update-Parameter
[bool] $trimstart = $false,
[bool] $trimend = $false

if ($trimstart)
$StringChecker = $param.StartsWith($character)
if ($StringChecker -eq "True")
$param = $param.TrimStart($character)
if ($trimend)
$StringChecker = $param.EndsWith($character)
if ($StringChecker -eq "True")
$param = $param.TrimEnd($character)
return $param

$url = "https://academy.microsoft.com/"
$lan = "/en-us/"
$ext = "/professional-program/data-science/"
$trim = "/"

$output = "Before Trim {0}/{1}/{2}" -f $url, $lan, $ext

$url = Update-parameter $url $trim $false $true
$lan = Update-parameter $lan $trim $true $true
$ext = Update-Parameter $ext $trim $false $true

$output = "After Trim {0}/{1}/{2}" -f $url, $lan, $ext

Author: Richie Lee

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