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As we’re all aware, SQL Server will one day be available on Linux. But when? And is it soon? And what features will be available? If you’re looking for answers now…. you’re out of luck, other than the fact that it will be built on SQL Server 2016 and released sometime in 2017. But what you can do is sign up for an early preview of SQL Server on Linux. I’ve already signed up myself. It will be available on Ubuntu, Red Hat, or a Docker image. There is an excellent report about  SQL Server on Linux, and how this symbolizes a different Microsoft.


Next Tuesday at the Azure User Group in London there will a deep dive on SQL Azure current and futures. It is taking place at the Bell Pub near Liverpool Street. I’ve not used SQL Azure, other than just playing around at home. But I know that soon I’m going to be working with it, and even if I wasn’t it will be a good introduction into SQL Azure by one of the Principal Architects of the whole thing… an opportunity not to be missed.

If you’ve not used SQL Azure before there is a getting started guide on MSDN. It should go without saying, bu you will need a subscription to Azure to go through this demo.

Azure SQL DB Deep Dive current and futures

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016, 7:00 PM

The Bell Pub
50 Middlesex Street London, GB

140 Members Attending

Welcoming back Lara Rubbleke (@sqlgal) !Lara is a Principal SDE Manager for Microsoft and a specialist in the Microsoft Azure Data Platform. She will be speaking to us this meeting about Azure SQL DB what it can do and more importantly what Microsoft has planned for their SQL Platform service in the future.Lara is a regular keynote speaker with S…

Check out this Meetup →


Location of the pub is here:

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