Choosing the Right Processor for your SQL Server Workload

Updated with some reflections over the past month.


Last year, we planned to move our data warehouse from a 2 socket server to a 4 socket server that was left in the data centre from an abandoned project to virtualize our desktops.

  • The 2 core server: Dell R610, with 2 Intel E5640 @2.66Ghz and 64GB of RAM
  • The 4 core server: Dell R910, with 4 Intel X7550 @2.00Ghz and 128GB of RAM

Both were 64bit OS running SQL Server Enterprise. We decided to test the server before moving directly, so our first test was to load a large import (40 GB) using SSIS from a temporary table in one database to the data warehouse and process the relative cube.

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Author: Richie Lee

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