My Two Cents On TFS Build Server Best Practices

Updated for database deployment measurements.


Update August 2016: If you can, use the VSTS Hosted Build Service. If you can’t, then you’d be surprised to know that the Hosted Build Service uses the D2_V2. Which is 2 core, 7GB of RAM. For 1 build agent. So you know…. something to consider there….

(Update 2014: below I mention that 2GB per agent is a good starting point. This is probably not enough if you’re publishing/scripting database changes using sqlpackage.exe, particularly if one of the databases is a multipartitioned data warehouse and you plan on having multiple builds running simultaneously. I’d say 4GB, if you can afford it, per agent for this scenario).

It’s amazing how important build servers are to a team working in Scrum; the team relies on a fast build server that can build and deploy code quickly. A CI Build gives the devs feedback that the code is good to be deployed to…

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Author: Richie Lee

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