F# PowerPack with F# Compiler Source Drops – Download: PowerPack for FSharp 3.0 + .NET 4.x + VS2012

This is a release of the old FSharp Power Pack binaries recompiled for F# 3.0, .NET 4.0/4.5 and Silveright 5.

via F# PowerPack with F# Compiler Source Drops – Download: PowerPack for FSharp 3.0 + .NET 4.x + VS2012.


We use f# for some calcs in our software. However an old bug that once occurred in a previous version has reared it’s ugly head again. When you compile you will see this error

“C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\fslex.exe” is invalid.

Even changing the PATH variable to contain the PowerPack bin directory does not solve this problem. If you go to the Issue Tracker on that page, you will see a couple of workarounds, but a fix would be real nice as opposed to changing the installers ourselves. Looks like someone did not merge their fix! 😉


I needed this updated in our solution as I was building a couple of build servers, probably the most time-consuming task I ever have to undertake, and worked with a dev to get the solution referencing the new dependencies. What he thought would be a half hour job turned out to be a 3 hours (and counting) task. One day someone will write an app that will automatically update all the references in a project automatically and save us all this faff, but for now the dev just has to suck it up and make the changes, whilst I buy cakes for inconveniencing the guy.

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