List of Disks and Free Space

Recently I have been supporting our move from TFS from 2010 to TFS 2012. The database instances is stored on a server that I do not have log on rights to. During the upgrade, it became clear that one of the tables was growing at a rapid rate. This is because rows were being moved from one table to another, and there were a lot of rows to move: I came back from my Christmas break on the 31st and apparently it had been running from the 28th!

So I needed to know how much space the disk had left and whether we needed to increase it. But as I did not have access to the server I needed to check how much space we had before requesting a disk increase. By running the stored proc below I was able to check how much free space we had left on the disks.

EXEC master xp_fixeddrives

I was able to check which disk it was by running the query in my previous post

Author: Richie Lee

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